Jessica & Guy’s Wedding | The Versailles Ballroom | Toms River, NJ



And we’re back! Another rocking wedding held at The Versailles Ballroom of Toms River, NJ. I can honestly say that Jessica and Guy’s wedding reception was fun from start to finish. Myself and the rest of the Limelight DJ team had a great time keeping everyone entertained and on the dance floor all night!

Jessica and Guy are such a great couple. We surprised all of their family and friends towards the end of the night with our very own “Black Light Show.” The Black Light Show is such a fun enhancement to add at any wedding. I always tell our brides and grooms not to tell anyone what’s going on this way it add’s so much more impact at the start of the show. As mentioned earlier we had everyone dancing and smiling all night but after the cake cutting there was a different energy in the room! Once the last dance set began myself and the rest of our DJ team went out onto the dance floor and handed out a whole bunch of white gloves and glasses. Everyone was asking, “what’s this for” “what’s this a Michael Jackson thing?” Haha, I always crack up when people ask if its a Michael Jackson thing because of the white gloves. Once our DJ’s got everything handed out we worked with the venue to cut all the lights at the exact moment we turned on our black lights and transitioned in “Shots” by LMFAO. It was awesome! Everyone’s gloves lit up, hands were in the air and the energy exerted through the roof. This was truly an amazing moment! It’s creating exciting moment’s like this which makes our job so special. We love what we do!


If your planning your upcoming wedding at The Versailles Ballroom of Toms River, NJ we would love to help out. Limelight Entertainment offers many great services including wedding DJ’s, photographers, photo booths, and more. Hit us up and let’s chat. I hope to see you at your wedding!

Chris Marino
Owner/DJ/Event Host
Limelight Entertainment

Wedding Credits:

Wedding Venue – The Versailles Ballroom of Toms River, NJ
Wedding DJ’s – Limelight Entertainment


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