Audio and Visual Enhancements

Here at Limelight, we know how to create an incredible atmosphere at your wedding, but it goes beyond just the music; creating a VISUAL experience for your guests with audio and visual enhancements can turn a good wedding into a great one.

Are you looking to set your wedding apart from others? If so, let’s dive in and discuss some exciting audio and visual enhancements that will elevate your wedding reception.

Video Entertainment

A go-to visual add-on is our Video Entertainment package. This exciting feature offers couples various options to display media at their reception on 70″ TV monitors for guests. The sky’s the limit with this feature, so if you want to get creative with a collaboration of visual ideas or keep it simple with a photo montage, we’ve got you covered! Here are just a few ideas to start.

  • The Couples Interview: This one is our favorite! The couples interview is a great way to give your guests the inside scoop on how you met, the moment you fell in love, what the proposal was like, and more. We invite couples to our office for a sit-down video interview and ask a series of questions to create a short discussion highlighting the answers. We love this add-on because it gets such a great reaction from the wedding guests. Whether the answers are sentimental or comical, this is a great feature and will undoubtedly entertain guests at the wedding. Typically we like to display this during the final few minutes of dinner.
  • Proposal Video: Were you able to capture your proposal on camera? If so, imagine this! Before inviting you (the newlyweds) into the reception space for your grand introduction, we point guests’ attention toward the TV screens and highlight your proposal. Energy and emotions will be through the roof, providing the perfect vibe to enter your reception and be welcomed by your guests.
  • Home Videos: Surprising your parents or loved ones on your wedding day means the world to them, and we’ve got just the right way to do it. Surprise your loved ones and wow your guests by incorporating old home videos during a parent dance. Watching this unfold is incredible because every parent has been dreaming about this moment since their child was born, and incorporating old memories into such an emotional moment is breathtaking.
  • Live Stream: New Year’s Eve wedding? Let’s stream the famous Time Square ball drop! Doing so will keep your guests off their phones, allowing them to enjoy the party while creating an exciting and memorable moment for everyone to share.

Custom Monogram

This enhancement can transform any space. With a custom monogram, you’ll set your name in lights and create a larger-than-life presence that sets the tone for a celebration of your new life together. Look how cool this looks…

Personalized Audio

This enhancement allows you to express to a loved one how much they mean to you. We work with you ahead of time to pre-record a message that will be shared during a dance with your parent, child, or whomever you wish to honor. We expertly blend that touching message with your selected song as you share that special moment on the dance floor. Incredible!

Live Percussion

This one covers both audio and visual enhancements, as our Percussionist plays alongside our DJ to take your dance sets to another level. Visually this looks great as the Percussionist brings in an incredible drum kit to play alongside the DJ setup. Musically, guests get that live music feel as they play in pocket with whatever the DJ is playing, no matter the genre. It’s super interactive, and if you’re looking for a “performance” at your wedding, this captures that vibe.

These enhancements all transform your wedding and turn it into an unforgettable experience. They can bring your reception room to life, personalize your venue and amplify the energy on your dance floor. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Let’s make it the one they can’t stop talking about!


visual and audio enhancements at a wedding

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