You want your event to be exceptional. That means finding the best vendors in the Vineland area. At Limelight Entertainment, we pride ourselves on being the ultimate DJ and photographer team for any event. We provide exceptional DJ services for any party, from weddings to birthday blowouts. We can also capture your event. We have terrific professional photography services and even offer photo booths that let you capture the playful side of your guests.

Limelight founders Chris and Jackie are a husband and wife team of party professionals. Chris and his team of DJs create the perfect party atmosphere. Jackie and her fellow photographers preserve it for eternity.

DJ Services in Vineland, NJ

Music is powerful. It can create an atmosphere, transport people to a place and time, evoke a memory, or trigger an emotion. A great DJ does more than play a list of popular songs. We understand the power of music and work closely with our clients to curate a personalized playlist that reflects your vision. From the intimacy of the first dance to the party vibe of popular line dances, we help you create the perfect ambiance for your event.

Wedding DJ in Vineland, NJ

In addition to providing music, DJs provide critical party services. We emcee the event and can even help with crowd control. One of the ways we do that is with the music. When we help you curate your playlist, we also discuss scheduling. We can recommend music that will subtly influence people to follow that schedule. The crowd control aspects are perfect for any party, including wedding DJ services in Limelight, because we can help transition people from different events in the party. We make your reception seamless so you can focus on enjoying your big day.

Wedding Photography in Vineland, NJ

In this day and age, you do not need a professional photographer to document your wedding. Your guests will have their phones and be snapping photos. However, you do need a professional photographer to capture your love story. Our experienced wedding photographers in Vineland do more than take pictures. They tell a story. They are passionate about capturing tender moments and the emotions behind your special day. We not only make sure that you look amazing in your photos but also that they capture the romance, commitment, and love behind your special day.

Engagement Photography in Vineland, NJ

Documenting your love story starts before your wedding. Our Limelight engagement photographers work with you to bring your romance to life. They ensure you are comfortable and relaxed, so your personalities shine through. Your announcement photos will highlight your love for one another and remind people who you are as individuals and as a couple. In addition to engagement photography, we also provide photography for special occasions, corporate events, birthdays, and more.

Photo Booths in Vineland, NJ

Adding a photo booth to your Vineland special occasion is a great way to capture memories. It also gives your guests a fun thing to do at the event. We have backdrops, props, and customizable prints that get people laughing and playing. Photo booths capture laughter, joking, and playing naturally. They let you see your guests’ goofy, playful sides. If you have guests who rarely smile, your photo booth enables you to catch them relaxed and happy.

Wedding Vendor in Vineland, NJ

Picking a wedding vendor is a little scary. We have all heard stories of disappointing vendors. Limelight has a history of providing exceptional wedding DJ and photography services. Check out our reviews to see how satisfied our customers have been. Every wedding is a priority. We understand that while weddings may be an everyday part of our business, for you, your wedding is a defining life event. We treat it with the respect and importance it deserves.

Welcome to Vineland

As its name suggests, Vineland can trace its history to vineyards. There are still several vineyards and wineries in the Vineland area, which provide several great venue locations for your wedding. Those vineyards are ironic since Vineland was initially settled by people looking to establish an alcohol-free Utopia. The rolling hills and beautiful land create gorgeous natural backdrops for wedding and engagement photos. Some of our favorite pictures in Vineland happen in the dandelion season, where we can capture the wild look of the dandelions as a backdrop to stunning images.

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