Winter Wedding at the South Gate Manor in Freehold, NJ

South Gate Manor Wedding
Happy Wedding Day to Deirdre and Danielle! On a chilly day in early March, these two celebrated their love with their friends and family at the South Gate Manor in Freehold, NJ. This gorgeous couple chose South Gate Manor for its magnificent architecture and gardens. Planning a same-sex wedding can come with its own unique considerations, but ultimately, the focus remained on celebrating the love between these two amazing brides.

What is your favorite thing about your significant other?

  • Deirdre’s favorite thing about Danielle is how kind and unselfish she is.
  • Danielle’s favorite thing about Deirdre is how compassionate and loyal she is.


When it comes to attire, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Traditional bridal gowns and tuxedos can still be stunning choices, but consider adding personal touches that reflect your individual style as a couple. Whether it’s incorporating pops of your favorite color (for Deirdre and Danielle: pink) or opting for non-traditional silhouettes, let your personalities shine through in your wedding attire. We loved Danielle’s lace lined A-line with cap sleeves AND Deirdre’s navy blue tuxedo and white bow tie. Pure perfection!

Danielle and Deirdre had their first look in the gardens at South Gate Manor. These two love birds could not take their hands off one another. We absolutely adore these kinds of first looks, where both are just in awe of one another. They were so cute! 

Danielle and Deirdre went with beautiful floral arrangements by Biagio’s Florist. Each bouquet was designed with the perfect amount of flower to greenery ratio.

What is something that the two of you are most excited about for your wedding day?

  • To start our future with all of our family friends there.
  • To celebrate the life we are going to have together.


We asked Deirdre and Danielle to describe their relationship. They said: “Loving and fun!”


Their wedding party wore navy blue to complement the blue color-scheme and Deirdre’s blue tuxedo. Everyone looked great! The wedding party’s flowers had blues, ivory, and hints of pink. Absolutely beautiful!!
Deirdre proposed to Danielle at Colonial Park in Somerset, NJ in the Rose Garden. Months later, they took a trip down memory lane and had their engagement photography at this park.
* We suggest you pick a location for your engagement session that is perfect for the two of you. If you need any recommendations, ask your photographer or check out our blog on best engagement locations in NJ!
Even though Deirdre and Danielle had a first look, Deirdre could not hold back her tears when she saw her beautiful bride walk down the aisle to her.
* We encourage having a first look! Especially if you want that one-on-one time with your love and many more portraits of the two of you!


We loved the details Danielle and Deirdre included in their reception space! The florals, the textures, and the detail of the ballroom all blended together effortlessly.

Love knows no boundaries or limitations

We loved how Danielle and Deirdre looked at one another during their sweet and joyful first dance together. WE love how THEIR love knows no boundaries or limitations. A same-sex wedding is about celebrating love between two individuals regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Danielle and Deirdre made sure that every aspect of their special day reflected the unique bond they share as a couple.

To reminisce and share their wedding day with friends and family, Danielle and Deirdre came into our office for an in-person design session and designed a beautiful 12×12 Limelight Wedding Album wrapped in Italian leather. It’s so gorgeous and filled with the many happy moments from their wedding day at South Gate Manor.

We love a full dance floor!


We hope that Deirdre and Danielle’s love-filled winter wedding serves as an inspiration for other same-sex couples looking to create their own unforgettable celebration. By embracing the beauty of the season while staying true to their identities as individuals and as a couple, they were able to create a truly magical experience for themselves and their loved ones. We wish nothing but happiness and love for Deirdre and Danielle. Thank you so much for choosing Limelight Entertainment for your photography, videography, and entertainment. We had a blast celebrating with you!
Videography: Limelight Entertainment
Florist: Biagio’s Florist
Makeup Artist: Jenna Apel
Hair Stylist: White Opal Hair
Bakery: Chocolate Carousel

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