Cheap Photo Booths

Cheap Photo Booths…..What They Won’t Tell You

If you are thinking about a photo booth for your next bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, sweet sixteen, wedding, anniversary party, or other big event, you have probably begun looking at prices. You might be surprised how affordable some companies seem, and why other companies seem to charge so much more for what looks like the same service. Limelight Entertainment offers even photo booth services at reasonable prices, but we are more expensive than some of the bargain-basement photo booth companies out there.   Cheap photo booths might be the perfect option for some events, but before you book a deal that seems too good to be true, here are some things to keep in mind about cheap photo booths.

  1. Some photo booths book for blocks of time, rather than for the whole event. There is nothing wrong with this practice; you might only need the photo booth for a portion of the event. However, you do want to make sure you know when the booth will be set up, when it will be broken down, and how long your guests can use it.
  2. Not all companies provide an attendant for your photo booth. Does the price you received include an attendant to help address any issues that might arise with the booth? If not, how will the company deal with any issues that arise?
  3. Not all photo booth rental companies have back up cameras for their booths. Let’s face it; technology malfunctions from time to time. Does that cheap photo booth company have backup equipment available in case of a malfunction and do they bring back up equipment to your event to keep things running seamlessly? If not, what is their policy on missed time?
  4. Not all photo booths are the same. Different photo booths offer the ability to photograph different numbers of people and pictures of varying quality. How many people can fit in a photobooth shot? What is the resolution of the images? These questions will help you determine which photobooth is right for your event.
  5. Not all photo booths offer the same quality in pictures. What guests love about the photo booth is that they can take away a memory from the event. What type of printer does your photobooth offer? Is it of high enough quality for you to feel proud of your guests leaving with the photo?
  6. Some cheap photo booths omit items that are considered standards by many in the industry. Does the lowball price include memory books, a memory card of the photos, and the ability for you and/or your guests to order additional prints of the photos?

At Limelight Entertainment, we know that we do not offer the cheapest photo booths available in the New Jersey area. However, we are confident that when you explore what we offer and compare it to the competition, you will find that we offer the best value in photo booths for your next event.

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