Limelight Entertainment’s LED Photo booth in action at The Brownstone

NJ Photobooth, NJ Wedding, Photo BoothsAre you looking to add some excitement to your NJ wedding, corporate event, or any celebration for that matter? Well look no further because Limelight Entertainment’s LED Photo Booth will do just the trick. The advantage of an LED photo booth vs a classic model is that we can light up the booth to the color of your choice. It looks amazing especially if you are uplighting your room, because we can simple match the colors of the booth to the colors of the walls.

We were recently at The Brownstone in Patterson NJ for Paul and Christina’s NJ wedding and guests just could’t get enough. Everyone was just having so much fun , taking pictures and video while dressing up in all of the fun props that we provided. Props included oversized sunglasses, all kinds of hats, scarfs, signs and much more. Along with guests receiving there photos after exiting the LED Photo Booth Paul and Christina received a Scrapbook at the end of the night filled with all of their guests pictures and personal messages.

I was so happy to see the excitement on both of their faces as they scrolled through the scrapbook at the end of the evening. We put together a quick video so you can see all of the fun and excitement Limelight Entertainment’s LED Photo Booth can bring to your next event!

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