5 Reasons to Hire a Professional DJ Rather Then A Friend For Your Wedding

So, you have a friend who is really into music, DJs as a hobby, or maybe even has DJ’d for an event or two. You are looking for ways to save money on your wedding, and you think that having this friend DJ your wedding would be great. You could pay the friend a little bit of money, or maybe they will DJ as a gift to you, and you can still get great wedding music. While we cannot tell you that it never works out when people have their friends DJ their weddings, we can tell you our top five reasons we think it is a bad idea to have a friend DJ your wedding instead of a professional photographer.

  1. Amateurs don’t have anything to lose if they mess up your wedding performance. If your friend gives you DJ services for free, even if that friend does things that would be totally unacceptable from a professional, you are the one who seems like a jerk if you mention it at the time, and you have no recourse afterwards. While the amateur has nothing to lose, a professional DJ is building a reputation at your wedding.
  2. Professional DJs know the songs that get people up and moving AND the ones that keep people in their seats.
  3. Professional DJs are experienced with weddings and can help keep your wedding flowing smoothly.
  4. If your friend is working as a DJ, he or she cannot simultaneously enjoy the wedding as a guest.
  5. The DJ doesn’t just play music; he also acts as an MC.

If you have any questions about the advantages of a professional DJ at your wedding, Chris Marino (DJ/Owner) would be happy to talk to you and tell you what he brings, as a professional, to your event. While we pride ourselves on offering high-quality and affordable DJ, photography, and photo booth services for weddings and other events, what drives our reputation and made us one of Wedding Wire’s Couple’s Choice wedding vendors is our commitment to customer service. Call 888-900-0042 or Contact Us Today to find out why couples love to add a little Limelight to their weddings!

Limelight Entertainment is happy to offer our years of experience as wedding and event professionals to anyone planning a wedding, free of charge.

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