Plan a Wedding Reception That Will Get Everyone Dancing

Plan a Wedding Reception That Will Get Everyone Dancing

Are you planning a wedding reception and want to ensure everyone has a great time on the dance floor? Look no further! We have some tips and tricks to help you plan a wedding reception that will get everyone up and dancing.

From choosing the right music to creating the perfect atmosphere, many factors go into making a wedding reception memorable. But with some planning and creativity, you can create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

First, you need a great timeline. Plan with your venue and wedding DJ to ensure that the event has structure and that your formalities will flow well throughout the wedding. Without a great timeline set, it can put a damper on the timing of dance sets, which can deter everyone from staying on the dance floor. For an example of a great wedding reception timeline, check out our blog here.

Did you ever think your seating chart would affect your dance floor? It does! Make sure to place the most fun and energetic guests closest to the dance floor. Everyone has that particular family member who, no matter what’s played throughout the night, there’s just no chance that they’re getting up to dance. If that sounds like someone you know, don’t sit them next to the dance floor. Save the tables next to the dance floor for the most fun groups!

Music choice is key. With weddings, it’s super important that you play a great variety of music to ensure everyone enjoys themselves. The last thing you want is for a particular group of guests just waiting all night for something they want to listen to, and they never hear it. That’s the worst! You will want to make sure that your wedding DJ plays music that will connect with everyone at the wedding, older and younger. You’ll want to play those party classics for older guests and those college and high school through-backs for all of your friends to jam out to. Other than that, provide your wedding DJ with a request list of fun songs that you want to hear, and they should be able to cover the rest. For a list of fun song suggestions check out our recent video here.

One last thing that you should have in place is excellent lighting. Whether it be dance floor lighting or some ambient room uplighting, make sure that you have some lighting in place. The proper lighting can excite the space and bring a focus to the dance floor. For some great lighting examples, head to our event enhancement page here.

These are a couple of suggestions on how to plan a Wedding Reception That Will Get Everyone Dancing. I hope you’ve found this information helpful!

If you’re looking for a great wedding DJ in the New Jersey area, contact us today. Together we’ll get started on planning the ultimate dance party that will keep your guests moving all night long!

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