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Wedding Venues Near Middletown

Middletown is a historic, oceanfront bedroom community with proximity to New York City. It has a quaint, suburban feel while still offering every amenity a person could want. Many of its venues combine history and natural beauty. Among our favorites are

  • Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury
  • Grand Marquis
  • The Gramercy Lakeside Manor
  • The Water Witch Club
  • Windows on the Water Sea Bright
  • Park Loft

Wedding DJ Services in Middletown

Do you have a soundtrack to your love story? You may not have thought of it that way, but many couples do. There is the song from your first dance, music from a movie you love, and the song that makes you both want to get up and groove. The job of a great wedding DJ is to take the soundtrack of your love story and expand it, making it accessible to all of your wedding guests. That is why we work with all of our couples, getting to know you and your tastes and helping you translate those tastes into songs that will get your guests up and moving. A packed dance floor is the sign of a great wedding DJ, and our pros know how to get the party started and keep it going all night long.

Some DJs try to push an existing playlist that mixes some current hits with classics. That is great, but not if those are not your songs or your taste. We imbue the entire party with your essence as a couple. It is not enough for your guests to feel like your wedding is the best party ever — we also want them to feel like only the two of you could have planned such a perfect event!

Engagement Photography in Middletown

What do you feel when you look at your partner? Love, amusement, protectiveness, desire, loyalty? Those are the feelings that we want to capture in your engagement photos. It is not enough for us to take pictures where the two of you look great. Come on, you are some good-looking people — that is the easy part. Our job is to capture the feelings you have for each other. You know that meme that says, “Get you someone that looks at you like this.” That’s the feeling we create with our engagement photography.

While the two of you are the stars of the show in the engagement photos, you do not want to ignore the backdrop. A backdrop does more than provide a pretty background for your photos — it can also add character and personality to your photos. Are the two of you fans of hiking? Then, pictures on a hiking trail can bring that element of your personality to your photos. Is shopping and dining more your thing? Then, let us capture some shots on a charming street full of shops and restaurants.

We can do all of this because we work with Middletown’s best locations and venues. When we are planning your session, we will discuss different places with you to make sure we get the look and feel that you want. We are also happy to bring something new to your photos. Our photographers are all artists with a flair for the creative. Do you have an idea that seems a little outlandish? Bring it to us. We can help you incorporate every bit of your personality into your engagement photos while still ensuring that you have a timeless portrait of your love.

Photo Booths in Middletown

When it comes to wedding photos, nothing beats a professional photograph of most of your guests. However, some people refuse to smile for photographers. The cure for that? A photo booth and an open bar. It is incredible how people will loosen up when they feel like the pressure is off. Our photo booths offer a great way to capture images of your guests engaged in childlike joy and give them something to do. We love photos for the magic hour, often occurring with the cocktail hour when our pros are taking pictures of the wedding party. Guests are just starting to feel comfortable, and photo booths break the ice and catch beautiful images. You can choose from a variety of backdrops and props to personalize the photos, and our attendants ensure that the booths run smoothly.

Wedding Photography Services in Middletown

What are your favorite photos from the weddings of your friends and family? For some people, it will be the formal groupings of the wedding party; others love the first kiss, and some adore the earnest sincerity of that first dance. Whatever your favorite memories are, we can capture similar memories at your wedding.

Limelight Entertainment’s professional photographers are detail-oriented. We want to do more than catch you and your guests looking good- we want to capture personalities. Your pictures should trigger memories from your special night- reminding you of a special moment, a shared laugh, or a funny story. We even encourage some candid photos in your staged photo moments — they often end up being some of the best pictures of your wedding party!

In fact, we love a candid photo. There is no way for you to experience all the beautiful moments that happen at a wedding. Candid photographs of your guests help you capture those moments, giving you special moments to share with your friends and family for years to come.

Finally, we understand that getting quotes for wedding photos can be daunting. They are one of the more expensive parts of the wedding. At Limelight Entertainment, we do not believe that a smaller budget should mean a less fabulous wedding. We offer packages in all budget ranges, and each package comes with the same commitment to quality.

Wedding Vendor in Middletown

Limelight Entertainment is proud to be one of Middletown’s most beloved wedding vendors. While that may not seem important, choosing a wedding vendor is about more than the services we provide to you. It is also about how we work with other vendors. We have great relationships with Middletown’s other top vendors, and we collaborate with them to help bring your vision of your wedding to life.

Welcome to Middletown NJ

Welcome to Middletown. This sleepy-seeming bedroom community combines the cozy, quaint feel of a small town with the amenities one expects to find in the city. Middletown is one of the country’s most historic townships, featuring tons of landmark sights. The town is not stuck in the past. It has hidden gem restaurants and shopping locations, making it an excellent place for venues, not just for weddings but also for showers, rehearsal dinners, and engagement parties.

One of our favorite locations in Middletown is the covered bridge — one of the last in the state. It captures the romance, history, and natural beauty of the area. We are happy to share what we love about Middletown with you to help you create a gorgeous wedding.

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