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  • The Mill Lakeside Manor
  • Cross & Orange
  • The Breakers on the Ocean
  • Essex & Sussex
  • The Shore Club
  • The Spring Lake Manor
  • The Crystal Point Yacht Club
  • The English Manor

DJ Services in Spring Lake

For most people, music is one of the most critical parts of your wedding reception. People rarely remember the flowers or decor but always remember the party. What song got Grandma up on the dance floor? Which song brought misty tears to their eyes in the father-daughter dance? Who acted silly on the dance floor, surprising everyone because of their serious reputation? Our DJs understand that music creates the party. So, they collaborate with our brides and grooms to ensure that the music reflects them while still being inclusive enough to make all of their guests want to dance.

Wedding DJ Services in Spring Lake

A wedding reception is, at its heart, a party. It celebrates the joining, not just of two people, but of two families and groups of friends. The music should reflect this joyful coming together and encourage people to meet, mingle, and play with each other. Our wedding DJs know how to help curate a playlist that evokes all of these emotions. They use music to create moods, set an atmosphere, and help people make memories. 

While everyone thinks of music when they think of DJs, DJs handle more than just the music — they also help control the ebb and flow of the wedding. They announce the new couple, inform guests of new events, and encourage people to get up and dance. A DJ has to be an excellent judge of the crowd, a skill that our crew has honed over the years. So, we can speed up the party and get people out on the floor or slow it down so your guests can observe traditions like the

Engagement Photography in Spring Lake

How do you pick the right photo for your engagement announcements? All too often, the bride picks the best picture of her, and the groom goes along with it. However, an engagement photo is not just about one person looking great or even both of you looking fantastic. It is about the connection between you. Our professional engagement photographers do more than take great pictures of individuals — they capture the essence of your relationship in images. To do that, they work with you to get to know you so you are comfortable being yourselves in front of the camera. The result will be an image of love that you can share with your loved ones.

Photo Booths in Spring Lake

Some of our favorite wedding photos come from photo booths. No matter how great a professional photographer is, some people cannot get over their anxiety about pictures. It has nothing to do with how attractive someone is — it has to do with their feelings about their appearance. However, some of these same people will completely relax in a photo booth. Since the photos are not “serious,” they can relax and play, which makes for beautiful images. It is also an excellent activity for folks. The pictures at the beginning of the wedding often start with groups of people who already know each other. By the end of the night, the photo booth captures pictures of new groups of friends.

Wedding Photography Services in Spring Lake

Your wedding should be one of the most amazing days of your life. Your friends, family, and loved ones gather together to celebrate you and your partner coming together as one. You would think every moment of the day would be sealed in your memory. However, for the happy couple, the wedding day can be very hectic. Some couples say they do not even have time to eat. That won’t happen when working with our photographers at Limelight. Your wedding photos are so important. They capture lovely moments, so you can relive them after the wedding. Limelight Entertainment’s team of event specialists work to craft a personalized timeline for every wedding, making sure you capture every moment in a relaxed state of mind. Our Spring Lake, NJ wedding photographers put you first and want nothing more than for you to enjoy every second of your big day.

When people think of wedding photographs, they often think of rushed, staged images of the couple and wedding party. That is not what we are all about. Our favorite wedding images come from the candid, funny moments you have with your family and friends. Our professional photographers can blend into the crowd, making people feel comfortable with them so they are able to capture people acting naturally. They look for those special moments in between. Great wedding photographs should not be something friends dread seeing — they should be filled with memories that bring them right back to that exact moment in time.

Wedding Vendor in Spring Lake NJ

If you want an elegant wedding, Spring Lake, NJ is a great location. The Irish Riviera combines old-world charm and a culturally unique area with feelings of luxury and opulence. Even the casual venues in Spring Lake have an upscale feel. Finding a vendor that can help capture that feeling can be challenging because there are so many vendors in the area. We highly recommend looking at reviews to see what people have to say about a vendor. We are naturally suspicious of any vendor with no negative reviews — some people will try to use reviews to renegotiate prices or pull scams. So, do not let an occasional negative review scare you. However, a great vendor should have primarily great reviews. If they have a bunch of unsatisfied customers, it indicates a problem. Likewise, follow up with them on the Better Business Bureau. If they have any complaints, did they resolve them? Limelight Entertainment has an excellent reputation for customer service and quality. We provide some of the best photography and DJ services in the Spring Lake area, and our customer reviews and ratings reflect that. You can trust us to treat your wedding like it is also our special day.

Welcome to Spring Lake

Shopping, beaches, dining, and art make Spring Lake one of the most exciting places along the Jersey Shore. It is an excellent place for a destination since vacation homes are abundant in the area, plus plenty of things for visitors to do. Understated elegance overlays much of the area, making it an excellent choice for weddings, engagement photos, and more.

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